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Key Features

Matching Payees Retrieval
Retrieve matching payees based on partial search on payee name, payee type, and region.
Automated Creation of Disbursement Records
Automates the creation of disbursement records in the Escrow database from OnBase requests.
Bank and Transaction Details Handling
Manages bank and transaction details for third party vendors.


The Earnest Money API provides the operations such as payees search, buyer and seller retrieval for a deal, creation of disbursements record, retrieval and updates of bank, and transaction details.


To use this API in a production environment, you must have the following details:


Use this product to:

  • Perform a payee search.
  • Retrieve the buyer and seller for a deal.
  • Create disbursement records.
  • Retrieve and update bank details.
  • Retrieve and update transactions details.

Usable by:

  • Coldwell Banker®


  • Available for all US Regions and International regions.

How it Works

1. Payee Search and Buyer & Seller Retrieval
Get buyers and sellers for a given deal number and get matching payees based on a partial search.
2. Create Disbursement Records
Automate the creation of payment records in the Escrow database from OnBase requests.
3. Transaction Management
Manage your banking details and transaction details for third-party providers.

What You Need to Use this API:

  1. Refer to API Product documentation, API specification | Anywhere Developers Portal.
  2. Register and get started - Signup | Anywhere Developers Portal.
  3. Request Sandbox access using Portal using "Get Access".
  4. Receive Sandbox API Key and Okta credentials.
  5. Start exploring the API in Sandbox.
  6. Build your application using Sandbox.
  7. Request and Receive Trail API key and Okta credentials.
  8. Test your application with Anywhere using Trial.
  9. Request production access using the portal when ready.
  10. Receive Production API Key and Okta credentials.
  11. Start using the production API from your production application.
  12. Get support - Contact Us | Anywhere Developers Portal.
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